Thursday, September 16, 2010


There is no perfection in human life but we try to be perfect. When I read this poem I had a new insight towards myself. Poetry is not a being it self but the writer generates it by decorating through beautiful words.

There were two birds out there,
One white and beautiful,
So unblemished,
and surreal;
Then there was the grey one,
It was also beautiful,
yet it seemed so real.
But, the grey one had a lame wing.

This poetry is not technically about encouragement, or like helping some one. It is about hardship and wanting to struggle. It symbolizes the two birds. I found special connotation between the birds and its colors. The first one is really beautiful beyond human comprehension. It does not really have emotions; it is stoic and uncompassionate. But the second bird has its own individuality. It means something that is completely human; that which shows flaws and struggle.

...held up the grey bird..
We stood there,
The grey bird and I,
Not knowing what to do
We waited,
and it was not even dark,
The sun hadn't even set;
Even the sun seemed
to wait for the grey oneTo fly.....

The second main thing in this poetry is the color. The color ‘white’ symbolizes no need to struggle. Everything works out; all the pieces are put together without having the need to think and work for it. The ‘gray’ color symbolizes the true human nature. This demonstrates the human nature and conflicts between successful and unsuccessful parts in life. The want and the need to be something in someone’s life and the imperfection and flaws that makes one human.
As it flew high up,
Off toward the setting sun,
Never looking back

There is no perfection in human life but we try to be perfect.